The Kumu Circle: Building community for twenty-something women 💜

The Kumu Circle

Recently, I keep getting asked why I started the Kumu Circle, so I decided to write about it!

The Kumu Circle wasn’t always what it is now. Firstly it was ‘The 2020 Vision’ a platform I didn’t mean to start. * start that thing you’ve been thinking about, you can’t improve what doesn’t exist, also, don’t be afraid to explore your imperfect ideas.

On a whim in 2019, I decided to host a Vision Board event in an attempt to get clarity on what I wanted my next year to look like.

Oddly enough, I never made a vision board that day… the next month another group of people indicated an interest in attending a vision board party and so I organized another event( still no vision board for me.)

This group of visionaries as I called them, asked for a platform to check in on progress and see details of any future events. This request led to me launching the platform on Instagram. *notice how one thing leads to another

I was strategizing on what to do next when the pandemic hit! I started to try and focus on the Instagram platform and post motivational content but I wasn’t consistent and I wasn’t posting original content 😅

I then had an idea to host a webinar called ‘Living The Dream’ I used my network and found three amazing speakers while I moderated the event… it was a huge success with over 50+ attendees and lots of positive feedback! *start where you are, with what you have

My next idea was literally called — The Idea Room- a space for people to come together and essentially focus on whatever ideas they had been working on. This came out of the fact that I needed to clarify what I wanted for The 2020 Vision and I believed that having other people there with me would motivate me immensely.

In reality, this wasn’t a huge success- the sessions held every Monday & Wednesday and sometimes I had three guests and other times it was just me! By the end of the two month period I set out to run the idea room for it was clear that something wasn’t working. *if something isn't working, change it- if at first you don’t succeed try again!

I kept getting feedback on how everything was amazing and people were interested but they still were not participating and engaging in the activities or with the content.

I decided this was a good time to hit pause and work my way back, this whole thing started on a whim but to actually grow and do something valuable you need intention. This led to me pausing The 2020 Vision and setting out to create some structure.

I spoke to a friend and she asked me a few questions along the lines of

  • Who do you want the community to be for?
    Women in their 20s who are trying to figure it out ( specifically concerning careers, mindset & business)
  • What do you want the community to do for this group?
    A space for conversation, collaboration & community. Where you can share resources, opportunities and worries and receive support in all forms, inspiration and encouragement. Eventually Members Only!
  • What is the best way to do this?
    This is something that I’m still figuring out but right now it’s showing up and creating content that inspires and adds value! While this is the most tasking part- I am learning so much and I’ve been getting great feedback.

I grabbed my notebook and started writing out my thoughts, I did lots of writing and planning, but I’m a strong believer in putting my money where my mouth is. So, I decided to invest in myself & my vision — I paid for the 90 min intensive strategy session with I can only describe this session as a worthy investment! She provided clarity, a roadmap and some handholding as I got started.

During the session we brainstormed a tag line for the community:

The Kumu Circle is dedicated to helping women in their 20s achieve clarity on their strengths so they can purposefully pursue their calling

The community is open to all women in their 20s who are just trying to figure it ( life) out in these specific areas!

There can be lots of uncertainty and fear but when you have the support of a few or many it truly makes all the difference!

So I’m calling all the ladies to join the girl gang⚡️

This community is a work in progress but it’s here, it exists and it will be amazing — just like all of us 💜

You can find the community here:

Instagram: @thekumucircle

Twitter: @thekumucircle

If you have any questions for me, you can find me here:

Twitter: @arismusings